AccessData Certification

What is AccessData Certification? AccessData is a leading provider digital forensics software. Access Data starts with a comprehensive series of programs intended to prepare students for careers in forensics, cybersecurity and litigation support. The training consists of separate training programs for computer forensics, mobile forensics, legal solutions and cybersecurity.

The computer forensics training program offered by AccessData provides students with innovative solutions for identifying criminal activity and performing computer-related investigations. The focus of the program is learning how to properly collect, process, review and report case data, and is a great introduction to those interested in continuing with the AccessData certification program as a whole.

Includes Mobile Forensics

Because mobile devices have become so prevalent in our society, it is very important that students learn how to collect and report data using the latest mobile technology. Students will learn how to utilize the Mobile Phone Examiner Plus program to collect forensic data, a skill that will give them an excellent advantage in the field of digital investigations.

Legal Solutions

AccessData's legal solutions program trains students to use Summation technology, a program that has been adopted by more law firms than any other attorney review software. This training program will teach students to gather and analyze data using Summation technology as well as learn how it can be used in the courtroom.


Cybersecurity is a major issue in today's world. In fact, some would argue that cybersecurity threats and security breaches are all but inevitable. Naturally, anybody who wishes to earn an AccessData certification should be able to recognize and address security issues in a number of computer systems.

Like the legal solutions training program, students will learn how to use Summation technology to assess security threats, report security breaches and find ways to prevent them in the future.

FIRST Certification

These academic training programs will prepare students for the Forensic Incident Response Strategic Training (FIRST) certification. This exam consists of several knowledge-based and practical questions, and it can be taken online.

There are no prerequisites for this exam, although it is highly recommended that students complete the above academic training programs. The FIRST certification exam will be available in early 2015.