Computer Forensics Salary

To be successful in this field, computer forensics investigators need to possess a broad range of technical and other skills. As a result, employment in both the public and private sectors can be lucrative. Computer forensics investigators get paid significantly more on average than other occupation types. The average computer forensics examiner salary is $79,000 according to

Pay varies based on years of education, experience, area of expertise and geographic location among other factors. Talented investigators can earn salaries into the six–figure range. Owners of forensic firms, or partners at consulting firms can earn substantial pay.

Average Salaries

The following is a list of the average salary in the United States for computer forensics investigators and related careers:

Job Title: Average Pay:
Computer Forensic Examiner
Computer Forensic Analyst
Senior Forensic Analyst
Criminal Investigator GL
Forensic Scientist
Digital Forensics Examiner
Information Assurance Analyst
IT Specialist Forensic Examiner
Information Security Systems Engineer
Computer Scientist
Computer Engineer
*The above are estimates from as of September 26, 2011