Computer Forensics Training & Education

Computer forensics is a growing career field. Computer crimes have increased dramatically over the past decade and have become one of the most targeted ways to commit a crime. Tens of millions of dollars are lost each year as a result of cyber crimes. This in turn, has lead to growth in the field of forensic science of computers.

Training Programs

To get a computer forensics job, you typically need computer forensics training or a degree in fields such as computer science or information systems security with additional credentials. Master's degrees, Ph.D.s, and certificate programs are all available in computer forensics and related fields. The more successful your academic record and experience, the better chance you have of obtaining employment in this field.

Computer forensics professionals need a broad range of technical skills and knowledge including the areas of computer file formats, software, networking, network security, protocols, routing, cryptology, reverse software engineering, investigative techniques, password cracking and other types of computer forensics tools.

Different Specialties

While many people may associate computer forensics with law enforcement work as seen in television shows such as CSI, there is widespread demand for those with these skills in many different areas of employment. Aspiring computer forensics professionals may specialize in a particular area of interest. For example, if your specialty is in financial crimes, additional coursework in finance and accounting may be required. Some employers are willing to accept industry related experience and equivalent knowledge in place of desired educational requirements.

For more information on the skills employers are looking for specific jobs, it can be useful to perform a computer forensics job search and review the stated desired skills and qualifications. Job search sites such as can be useful in this regard beyond just applying for jobs. This can help you focus on getting on getting the computer forensics training and education needed to achieve your career goals.