Digital Forensics Certification

Computer forensics – or more specifically digital forensics – is an exciting new branch in the field of Forensics Science which involves retrieval and analysis of legal evidence that can be found in computers, and in the case of digital forensics, all digital storage media. As criminals become more and more sophisticated in their ability to use technology for crime, there is a growing need for experts in this area.

When people think about computer forensics they commonly associate the field with criminal activity used against an individual such as identify theft. More and more criminals are learning how to access personal and financial information and are using that knowledge to steal money and commit other crimes.

Combating Cyber Crime

Identity theft is becoming more and more common and billions of dollars are lost every year because of computer hacking. Digital forensic experts can analyze data or even retrieve data that was lost or changed, and use that evidence to figure out the details and often the cause of a crime.

In addition to helping individuals, digital forensics can aid government organizations and businesses in recovering valuable data that has been lost through a mishap, or computer crash and can also find weaknesses within a computer system by running different types of tests.

Computer forensics professionals can also investigate unauthorized access within a system and often figure out not only what happened, but also when it happened and who was involved, sometimes resulting in the termination of an employee or several employees within the firm.

A Wide Variety of Skills Are Needed

A digital forensics expert must possess outstanding communication skills in writing and speaking as they are required to present evidence to the proper authorities and sometimes even testify in a court of law. They must also have patience to sift through a large amount of data and pull out bits and pieces of relevant information, often from deleted files.

Last, but certainly not least, they must have the strong determination and follow-through required to pursue all the evidence and complete the investigation. Although most people in this day and age have a good working knowledge of computers, a digital forensics professional needs extensive knowledge and training.

Get the Credentials You Need

There are a few different options for training in computer forensics. Four–year universities offer degrees in computer forensics or closely related fields. For a less expensive and more accelerated option, there are computer forensics tech schools all over the country. Some of these are boot camp style programs, which can be completed much more quickly than traditional ones. Many of these schools also conveniently offer online certification.

With the rapid increase of technology related criminal activity there is a great need for good computer forensic professionals. Obtaining a digital forensics certification is the first step on the road to a successful future in this exciting, rapidly growing field. Enter your zip code above to get more information on schools in your area.