What is EnCase Certification?

Information technology and forensic criminal investigation are both very popular fields right now and the computer forensics career track combines aspects of both of these pursuits into an exciting field of study.

Computer forensics professionals who have achieved EnCase Certification often aid law enforcement branches and other investigative agencies in evidence gathering activities and investigations. They do so by analyzing data and retrieving information in electronic crime cases, even if the data has been destroyed, deleted or otherwise covered up.

What Do Computer Forensic Professionals Do?

IT forensics workers also evaluate systems for vulnerabilities to determine areas in a system where cyber criminals have already attacked or may exploit in the future. Finally, they also aid in evidence gathering operations.

These computer–based investigators are supported in their daily investigative activities by forensics software applications such as Guidance Software's EnCase application suite.

How does EnCase Software Help Forensic IT Pros?

EnCase assists computer forensic professionals in three major areas of the evidence gathering process: acquisition, analysis and reporting. In the acquisition phase, EnCase enables the investigator to generate an exact copy, called an "image" of the data set in that is being investigated. This image is stored in the Guidance Software's proprietary EnCase Evidence File Format for easy indexing and analysis, which happens to be the next step.

EnCase includes standard tools like hex editors and document viewers that computer forensic experts can use to examine all files including hidden files, deleted items, registry information, logs and much more. After image acquisition and thorough analysis, the forensic investigator uses the EnCase system to generate reports in many useful and flexible formats for presentation to case managers and other investigators and agents.

How Getting EnCase Certification Helps

As you can see, EnCase is a very specialized software package that is focused on one particular field. It requires dedicated training and preparation in order for it to be used properly. By taking EnCase training courses and becoming EnCase certified, IT professional gain an important accreditation that proves their qualification.

Investigating computer related larceny and cyber crime is difficult and has become a major concern for agencies from the state and local levels all the way up to the FBI, CIA and NSA who now employ IT professionals to carry out these expert investigations.

They need to know that the people they trust with these duties have the knowledge and ability to do so. EnCase certification is the way professionals can prove to these agencies that they are qualified and ready to investigate.

Become Certified

There are over 3000 information technology professionals currently certified as experts in the EnCase software package. These computer forensic technicians assist in important investigations every day, uncovering cyber crime and helping law enforcement professionals put 21st century criminals away.

EnCase Certification proves an IT pro is ready to join these investigations and opens a new world of exciting opportunities. Learn more about computer forensics certification and programs by entering your zip code above.